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Uninstall Zoom! Not Safe Govt (CERT-India).

Zoom Video Conference App, Coronavirus: As per the latest guidelines, the government said, the video conference application has been flagged as potentially unsafe by the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-India) working under the guidance by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology advised Zoom not a safe platform not even for an individual user.

What is Zoom App in the first place?

Zoom is a web-based video conferencing medium that’s used for videoconferencing and used by either a mobile downloadable application or, desktop client and a which allows users to connect online, in a two-dimensional way either it could be a voice call or a video call.

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The Zoom application users can also have the option to record sessions, people can collaborate on multiple projects, share, annotate one another’s screens (Mobile/Desktop), with a user-friendly platform.

Why everyone is talking about Zoom App suddenly?

Well everyone is talking about zoom as it became of the most downloaded video conferencing applications worldwide during and since the lockdown around the world is placed in order.

If we look at the Zoom app daily downloads from the beginning of the year 2020 on January 20 stood at 56k, in February’20 these numbers reached 1.7 million, and at the beginning of March, this number touched 2.13 million downloads.

If we look at the numbers we can understand What’s the HYPE about the Zoom application?

Well, the hype is all related to the security and privacy concerns which consistently in different countries by their Govt agencies, major companies raised have regarding the Zoom application. Zoom app is a widely downloaded and used video conferencing platform mostly used as an alternate to Google hangout and Skype due to easy access and a lot of options. I raise zoom application it due to the

Zoom daily downloads in

January 2020 (56,000)

February 2020 (1.7 million)

March 2020 (2.13 million)

Image Source: Skype
Photo by Mati Flo on Unsplash

Multiple security and privacy issues

Since the beginning of March multiple security and privacy issues has been raised against the Zoom app with allegations to data theft and other privacy issues have been raised, most authorities complain about the fact that Zoom App is a platform, vulnerable to your personal data and can also be a national threat as this could lead to major security. Most recently, the Washington Post had reported that thousands of personal Zoom videos had been exposed on the open web due to a fault in how Zoom named its videos.

How do I connect with my colleagues I also use Zoom?

Well, you can still use Zoom in the first place but yes, that’s like playing with the fire at the moment, with enough reported concerns over the usage of the app and privacy invasion it’s not a safe platform anymore to use Zoom. but still, you need not worry as Zoom isn't the only handy app in the market there are many applications which offers you the facility of group video call and screen sharing options, below is the list of 10 better alternates to Zoom

Top 10 alternative video conferencing platforms




Hey There! I love to share my knowledge and experience through writing. I am a business developer and an ardent graphic designer and content writer.

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Hey There! I love to share my knowledge and experience through writing. I am a business developer and an ardent graphic designer and content writer.

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